Hasbro Inc.

Hasbro announces Gaming Challenge winner

by 3 months ago

Last year Hasbro created a contest with Daymond John of Shark Tank to find a new board game to add to their repertoire.  After several months and campaigns on Indiegogo, …

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Monopoly’s new lineup announced

by 3 months ago

Not long ago the Monopoly tokens were put up to a vote to see which ones would survive to get a place in the new version and which would be …

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The voters have spoken and Monopoly is getting rid of…

by 4 months ago

It seems like some people like to play games with a specific color, but others have a specific piece they like to move.  Monopoly has had some iconic pieces, but …

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Vote on your favorite Monopoly pieces now

by 6 months ago

Not long ago the iconic pieces of a Monopoly game were always the same, but not long ago a vote was made and a cat was put into the game. …

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Hasbro announces HASCON

by 8 months ago

Hasbro is a company that has tremendous pull.  While you might think of Transformers or My Little Pony, they also own Wizards of the Coast and Avalon Hill.  Now they are …

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Hasbro gets Daymond John for Next Great Gaming Challenge

by 10 months ago

    Hasbro is one of the largest game publishers out there.  They have the widest distribution, getting in a wide variety of stores.  Last year Hasbro ran the Next Great Game …

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    Hasbro announces Monopoly Ultimate Vault Giveaway

    by 11 months ago

    It seems that Monopoly has come out with several different editions, whether it has been new rules or a new theme.  Now Hasbro is changing up Monopoly with a new …

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    You think you can design the next big game? Check out the Hasbro Gaming Challenge

    by 2 years ago

    It isn't surprising that people are using crowdfunding pages to self-publish games.  Getting noticed by a publisher is tough, and with the popularity of board gaming increasing, it seems like …

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    Crazy Eights (plus one): Nine questions with Mike Selinker about HeroQuest 25th Anniversary Edition

    by 3 years ago

    While several developers have tried to create projects that commemorate or honor games from the past, they often have found themselves working for nothing because of a cease-and-desist order.  While …

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    Hasbro announces new games for 2013

    by 4 years ago

      The New York Toy Fair is going strong right now, and several companies have already released some of the games they will be coming out in the upcoming year. …

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    Dungeons & Dragons Stacking Sale On GOG

    by 5 years ago

    I've been waiting months for this sale.  Or, more specifically, I've been waiting for a sale on the Infinity Engine games to pop up again.  The fact that this particular …

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