Gamelyn Games

Heroes of Land, Air, and Sea arrives on Kickstarter

by 2 months ago

I have been impressed with Gamelyn Games and how they package a great experience in a small box.  With the size of game boxes these days, it's refreshing to see …

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Tiny Epic Quest on Kickstarter now

by 5 months ago

As my game collection gets larger, I have learned to appreciate games with a smaller footprint.  The Tiny Epic series all comes in the same size box but still has …

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The Tiny Epic series adds a new Quest

by 10 months ago

The Tiny Epic series has had big success on Kickstarter.  These games have depth to them but have a small footprint that make them travel-friendly.  Now they are going on …

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Heroes of Air, Land, and Sea coming from Gamelyn Games

by 11 months ago

Gamelyn Games has been known for their Tiny Epic series and how small and easy to store their boxes are.  They still have enough depth and decisions to keep them …

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Tiny Epic Western shooting up Kickstarter

by 1 year ago

While Gamelyn Games has a few other games under their belts, they are probably best known for their Tiny Epic series.  Putting big experiences in small boxes seems to be …

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Heroes’ Call for TEK launches on Kickstarter

by 2 years ago

Gamelyn Games is known for putting big experiences in small boxes, as has been seen by their Tiny Epic games.  Now they are expanding the Tiny Epic line again, but …

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Tiny Epic Kingdoms makes its way to Kickstarter today

by 3 years ago

When most people talk about microgames, they think of a small number of cards and a couple of cubes.  While that is true in some cases, Gamelyn Games has created …

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Tiny Epic Kingdoms up on Kickstarter now

by 3 years ago

Gamelyn Games is a publisher that I have a great deal of respect for.  While many publishers are trying to prove that bigger is better, they have found the ability …

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Join the Fantasy Frontier on Kickstarter now

by 4 years ago

While the indies are getting a lot of press in the video game industry, the advent of Kickstarter has created a surge of independent developers and publishers.  Michael Coe is …

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