Fireside Games

Hotshots street date announced

by 3 weeks ago

Fireside Games had a bit of a hiccup with their upcoming game Hotshots, as they weren't able to release it as quickly as they originally thought they'd be able to. …

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Fireside Games announces Kaiju Crush

by 1 month ago

Giant monsters have always been a huge draw.  Godzilla and Rampage are great examples of this.  Fireside Games will have their own twist on the genre late this year with …

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Fireside Games announces Hotshots

by 6 months ago

Fireside Games is well known for it's successful Panic series of games.  If you are a fan of cooperative games, it's likely that at least one of them is on …

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Third expansion coming for Castle Panic

by 11 months ago

The Castle Panic series has had the longevity that most games wish to have.  It's hard to believe that it was originally released in 2009 and has two expansions.  Now …

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Origins 2016: Star Trek, blimps and cats invade Fireside Games

by 12 months ago

Fireside Games started small with Castle Panic, a cooperative game with a medieval theme.  Now the Panic series has had several spin-offs from zombies to Munchkin.  With the 50th Anniversary of …

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