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Amped-up Soldiers: Battlefield Hardline discussion

by 2 months ago

Battlefield Hardline is reimagining itself with a huge emphasis on speed. Through the new gadgets, vehicles, gameplay modes, and maps, speed will completely change how Hardline plays compared to past …

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Niko DelValle’s Top 10 Games of 2014

by 4 months ago

    This has not been a great year to be a fan of AAA games. We've had launches plagued by bugginess, disappointments borne of games that didn't deliver on their promises, …

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    Untitled project from Burnout developers will “go beyond cars”

    by 11 months ago

      During the EA press conference, Criterion announced a game that is in the "very early" stages of development.¬† While no in-game footage has been shown, it appears to be in …

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      Go ahead, make a few enemies — Need for Speed Rivals hands-on preview

      by 1 year ago

      Need for Speed is a gem of a series. ¬†Since its original release in 1994, every following version brought to the table crisper graphics and tighter gameplay than the last. …

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      Dead Space 3’s Preorder Bonuses

      by 2 years ago

      So many pre-order incentives, and so little money left after November. Visceral Games announced yesterday that fans who pre-order Dead Space 3 through GameStop will receive two exclusive weapons that …

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      Take a Peek At The New Crysis 3 Multiplayer

      by 3 years ago

      I played through Crysis 2 's single-player campaign earlier this year without bothering to touch on the multiplayer, typically I go in the direction that my gamer friends flock and …

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