Digital Extremes

Sword Coast Legends moves to October 20th, Q1 for Consoles

by 1 year ago

One of big surprises of E3 2015 for me was Sword Coast Legends.  The game hit me hard, coming out of nowhere with an entirely new way to experience the …

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Gaming Trend Warframe Infested Nightmare giveaway!

by 2 years ago

I'm not a huge fan of free-to-play games as a general rule, but there are occasionally games that surprise me.  It's usually the FPS titles that pull me back in …

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Warframe coming to PS4 on launch day

by 3 years ago

Digital Extremes, an indie developer turned publisher, will be releasing their free-to-play (previously) PC exclusive Warframe will be available for the PS4 on day one. Along with the launch day …

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