We talk to Crytek about Homefront: The Revolution at E3 2014

by 3 months ago

With Crytek purchasing the Homefront IP from THQ, it was only a matter of time before we got a glimpse of the future of the series. In our interview with …

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Homefront’s next outing gets trailer, promise of E3 reveals

by 4 months ago

Homefront,  a series started by the now defunct THQ and KAOS Studios has been updated by its new owner Crytek. Created using Cryengine, Homefront The Revolution is in development and slated …

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Crytek’s new F2P shooter goes online next week

by 11 months ago

Crytek might be best known for their Far Cry and Crysis franchises, yet they have some other stuff up their sleeves too. Their newest game, Warface, which will also be …

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Warface Producer on lessons learned in Russian beta test

by 1 year ago

Russia has been good to Wim Coveliers. The latest project for the producer at Crytek, a free-to-play browser-based shooter titled Warface, has been in open beta on Russian servers for …

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