Cliffhanger Productions

Shadowrun Chronicles Boston Lockdown Dev Diary and first update

by 1 year ago

Shadowrun Chronicles has shipped out to virtual shelves this week, but the folks at Cliffhanger aren't sitting on their hands. Today we've got the first game update to address some …

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Get Aether-Punked – Aerena: Clash of Champions Preview

by 2 years ago

While there are a lot of free-to-play games that are bad, free early access to any game is generally very good. However, the combination of the two is always fantastic. …

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Shadowrun Online hits Steam early access

by 3 years ago

The team behind Shadowrun Online have hit a major milestone - they are now on Steam Early Access with the current alpha of the game.  This early access will provide …

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Shadowrun Online Going With Guild Wars Model: No Monthly Fees

by 4 years ago

Described by producer Jan Wagner as a mix between Bladerunner and Lord of the Rings, Shadowrun has gone from tabletop roleplaying game to video game series and is utilizing Kickstarter …

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