Born Ready Games

Oculus Rift Beta version of Strike Suit Zero now available for testing

by 12 months ago

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the title above proclaims the truth. Now, before you get all excited about Oculus Rift games coming out for the masses, you still won't be able …

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Born Ready Games announces Oculus Rift version for Strike Suit Zero

by 1 year ago

One thing that's been causing quite a stir around the gaming industry has been the gradual introduction of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, which aims to provide gamers with …

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Kickstarter success Strike Suit Zero launches today.

by 2 years ago

You all know how much I like mech games, but I have to be honest--I was a bit worried about Strike Suit Zero.  When I first saw it, I thought …

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