Baldur’s Gate II Enhanced Edition begins preloading

by 3 years ago

Baldur's Gate II is largely considered one of, if not the, best RPG of all time. Well, after the success of the enhanced version of the first title, Beamdog has …

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It Is Coming

by 4 years ago

    As we mentioned a couple of weeks ago, Beamdog has launched a teaser site¬†which seems to point towards something Baldur's Gate-related on Beamdog's behalf. ¬†What we know for fact at …

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    Podcast Oct. 31st- Who’s afraid of digital downloads?

    by 5 years ago

    It wouldn't be Halloween if we didn't put a little scare in ya, right? Rest assured, the image above is not a sign that the ironically named legend in vaporware …

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