Bandai Namco

New Tekken 7 trailer debuts at Comic-Con, Heihachi abound

by 6 hours ago

Today at Comic-Con Bandai Namco unveiled a new trailer for their hotly anticipated fighter Tekken 7. In the lava infested trailer a young lady speaks of Heihachi's powers and his …

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From Software Releases New Dark Souls II DLC Screens

by 1 week ago

From Software Releases New Dark Souls II DLC Screens From Software has released a batch of new screens for the upcoming Dark Souls II DLC titled Crown of the Sunken …

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Time to die again: Bandai Namco announces Dark Souls II DLC

by 2 months ago

It is time to punish yourself some more as Bandai Namco has announced a trilogy of DLC installments coming to Dark Souls II. The names and release dates of these …

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Bandai Namco announces new GRID, Pac-Man, and more

by 3 months ago

Bandai Namco announced a whole slew of previously secret titles, including GRID Autosport and Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2. GRID Autosport is another installment in the now semi-long running …

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New Dark Souls II trailer, “This isn’t about death…”

by 5 months ago

There's a brand new, oddly inspiring, trailer for Dark Souls lovers to feast upon before the forthcoming Dark Souls II release. This new trailer pushes the perseverance you need to …

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