Jaipur released on mobile

by 3 months ago

It seems like every day board games are being released for mobile devices.  While sometimes it's nice to hold the cards and pieces in your hand, there are times when …

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Onirim now available for iOS and Android

by 5 months ago

While it's not uncommon for games to have a solo mode, not many board games are purely solo experiences.  One of those games is Onirim, and it has won several …

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Potion Explosion coming to digital devices

by 9 months ago

Puzzle games seem to be hot on portable devices.  From Bejeweled, Candy Crush, and Puzzle Quest, match three games are heavily played.  While Potion Explosion doesn't scratch that same itch, …

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Mysterium coming to mobiles and PC

by 9 months ago

At GenCon 2015 a huge buzz was wrapped around Mysterium.  The line to get it filled up for the few copies sold.  It's available easily now, but Asmodee digital and …

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Colt Express in the palm of your hand

by 10 months ago

Colt Express has been a popular programming game with a great 3D train for the "board."  Soon we won't need to worry about putting all those train cars together, or …

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Sports teams coming to Spot It!

by 11 months ago

The Spot It! series has been a great family game that's been around since 2009.  It's easy to teach and play, and sometimes the kids can be better at it …

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Asmodee NA announces reprint of Ra, new game studio

by 1 year ago

Reiner Knizia has developed a large number of games.  One of the most sought after games is Ra, but it has been out of print for a long time.  However, that …

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Playing the 2014 Spiel des Jahres nominees

by 3 years ago

Hobbyist gamers all over the world owe the Germans a great debt. Our Teutonic friends are largely responsible for the thriving board game hobby we enjoy today. Not only do …

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Play This, Not That! – A Dozen Better Board Games

by 4 years ago

Eat This, Not That! is one of the bestselling books of the last decade. In its pages, you learn how to eat better. Now before you panic, Gaming Trend is …

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