Though it’s been around since 2008, the runaway success of Double Fine Adventure pushed crowd-funding site into the line of sight of game enthusiasts everywhere. Not only did the project exceed it’s funding goals exponentially, but the video games section of the site saw a ton of new activity from first-time backers of the point and click adventure game, with Wasteland 2, Shadowrun Returns, and even a new Leisure Suit Larry.  Finally, here was a way to speak with our wallets regarding the games we want to purchase and play before a big publisher had the opportunity to deny or distort the vision of the game creators!

It’s been a while since our last ‘cast, but we’re back and here to stay! Expect slightly shorter installments, with more focus on a single topic. Also, we’ll be airing some bonus episodes during E3 2012!

Hosts: Mike Dunn & Ron Burke
Producer: Mike Dunn
Music: Aclectasis by Steroid Maximus

00:59 – We’re back!
02:47 – What is Kickstarter?
11:40 – Double Fine Adventure
15:08 – Zombicide and others
18:33 – Effect of Double Fine Adventure- a sea change
25:35 – There are no guarantees
28:03 – Kickstarter funding tips
31:21 – Bad Kickstarter projects
38:52 – What are the big publishers thinking?
42:50 – Kickstarter clones

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