Towerfall Ascension coming to Playstation 4

by 8 months ago

Multiplayer archery combat isn't just for Androids anymore.¬†Towerfall Ascension, self-published title from Matt Thorson, was a hit on the Ouya and a stand-out title, and was recently revealed to be …

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Gaming Trend Podcast 09//12//2013–Tower Jam! (Featuring Maddy Myers)

by , and 11 months ago

This week the Gaming Trend Podcast gets on its feminist hat because it just hates all the men-folk out there. ¬†In order to better oppress men everywhere, Atlas, David, and …

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There’s something fishy about this Kickstarter campaign

by 11 months ago

With only 139 backers at the time of this writing, the upcoming OUYA game Gridiron Thunder has raised over $78,000 on Kickstarter in a span of twenty days. This has …

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