The End of the World (of Warcraft)?

by 3 years ago

Things are looking bleak in Azeroth as the population continues to dwindle. The latest numbers released by Activision Blizzard show that nearly 2 million subscribers have dropped off since the start of the year. As part of last week’s announcement that a controlling interest of shares were acquired from Vivendi, Activision Blizzard also revealed that Read more →

RUNESCAPE 3 launches globally

by 4 years ago

The latest installment to the free-to-play, Guinness World Record holding MMORPG series, RUNESCAPE, launched globally today and is now up and running. In a press release earlier today, series creators, JAGEX, announced that “Every aspect of the immensely popular game has been upgraded. RuneScape 3, which is available in five languages and played in 190 Read more →