“Let’s never do this again”- Watch Conan try to play an Atari 2600

by 3 years ago

    In this latest Clueless Gamer video, Conan O’Brien travels back to the early days of videogaming. It isn’t pretty, but it’s definitely funny. Watch as he attempts to play titles like Combat, Golf, Space Invaders, and even the infamous E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, a game that he describes as a simulator for “The cycles of depression.” Read more →

    Conan “Pervs out” over Lara Croft

    by 4 years ago

    Conan O’Brien couldn’t resist ogling over Lara Croft’s tight pants during his latest Clueless Gamer review of Tomb Raider. In this newly released video he doesn’t review the game so much as profess his love for Lara while expressing wishes for her top to come off. Conan’s quickly becoming my new favorite game reviewer and it’s Read more →