When I first played Quarriors, I knew that it would be easy to come out with expansions. A few new dice with cards, as well as some new cards to go with the original dice would be easy enough to expand the game. When Rise of the Demons came out though, I was surprised with what I found. While it does include 20 new dice and 19 new cards, there was a lot more innovation than what I had expected.

Since this is an expansion, I won’t be going through the rules in detail. Basically Quarriors is a deck building game that uses dice. The dice represent Creatures that you summon that score Glory points if they survive a full round of everyone else summoning Creatures and attacking the ones you have out on the field. The cards show the cost to gain a Creature to your discard pile as well as the amount of Glory points you get if the Creature survives to your next turn. The first person to the specified number of Glory Points wins.

Not surprisingly, Rise of the Demons comes with Demonic Overlord dice. These dice are the first Creatures to have a level 4 side on it and are stronger than the Quake Dragons from the original set. The lowest Demonic Overlord has an attack of five and defense of five, while the strongest has an attack of ten and defense of seven. They will cost plenty of Quiddity to gain, but they are worth it. The special abilities for these Creatures include removing other players’ dice from the game, lowering the level of all dice in the opponents’ Ready Area, and removing all other Creatures in their Ready Area when he scores.

The Spell dice included are Corruption Spell dice. One face is worth one Quiddity, another face is worth two Quiddity, and the other four faces cast the Corruption Spell. There are several different Corruption Spells. Corruption Charm gains you an additional Glory for each Corrupted Quiddity die in the opponents’ used area. The Corruption Spell gives all creatures in your ready area a +1 attack and an additional Quiddity for each Creature destroyed on your turn. The Corruption Incantation destroys all Creatures, removes the Corruption Incantation die from the game, and adds one Corrupted Quiddity die to your used area.

Finally there are new Corrupted Quiddity dice. These dice don’t have a cost and can’t be captured. There is a 50% chance rolling it you will still gain one Quiddity, but two of the sides have zero Quiddity, and the final side has three bursts that will cause you to gain another Corrupted Quiddity die. These can be nasty dice, and there are 10 that come along in the set.

Each of the ten monsters from the first game get their own Corrupted card. These creatures have some kind of effect from Corrupted Quiddity. You might have to gain a Corrupted Quiddity die, or select an opponent to give a Corrupted Quiddity to. Other creatures gain attack strength against opponents who have Corrupted Quiddity in their used pile, or causes a Creature to not be destroyed if the player rolled a Corrupted Quiddity die during their turn. Some of these can even cause someone to lose a point of Glory.

The original Quarriors had you attacking everyone, but it didn’t feel like it was very personal. As you can see, these cards and dice can be nasty. It’s still not as personal as a game of Diplomacy, but you don’t want to be the target of these attacks.

The numbers on these dice are larger and much easier to read from the original came. Even the graphics look cleaner and a higher quality. Hopefully we’ll see this on future sets like the recently announced Quarmageddon.

The rulebook is short, consisting of four pages. It explains the new concepts brought into the game, and gives suggestions on how to add the expansion cards to the game. They suggest everything from shuffling in the expansion cards to the base deck and picking cards accordingly, adding in a number of Corrupted Creatures first and then filling out the rest with Creatures from the base game, using as many Corruption cards as you and your friends want, or just setting it up exactly how you and your friends want.

I have to say that I was impressed at the ingenuity of the developers of Rise of the Demons. It adds a little bit of a hindrance to you, but it won’t completely destroy you. The price is good, especially considering the number of dice included. If you have Quarriors, then Rise of the Demons is a no brainer to get. You’ll have a Demon of a good time with it.