War is Hell and there are no winners – PS4 overtakes Xbox One sales in January

Just in case you were wondering, Sony’s PS4 January sales were double those of the Xbox One, making the PS4 the #1 selling game console in the US and continuing its role as the #1 console worldwide. sigh.

I’m as excited as you are for the day when we can stop counting numbers and just start focusing on games. Honestly, how does a system go about winning a console war? Sure you can quote sales numbers and one liners from CEO’s at press conferences, but at the end of the day, the real battle is fought on the TV in your living room.

Some supposed losers of previous console wars are still hailed as great successes by critics and fans alike. I got a buddy who continues to swear by his Dreamcast, it’s one of the few systems he consistently has hooked up to his TV. And this guy’s a gamer with next gen systems.

So, okay, I get it. It’s fun to count numbers and pick favorites. But l always take these things with a grain of salt. Because when a game is truly great, it will always be great. That’s not something that shows in numbers.

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