Toys For Bob announce Skylanders Creator app and more

Today Toys For Bob and Activision have announced that they will be releasing the Skylanders Creator app.

The Skylanders Creator app will give players the ability to create their own Skylanders Imaginators anywhere they are. The app will feature a character creator similar to the one that is going to be in the console game. In the app players will be able to create new imaginators or download their designs from a console using the app’s state-of-the-art audio technology. The console will send a sound out through your TV’s speakers to your phone. This will transfer your imaginator design from the console to the app.

The app will have timed imaginite chests, which are in-app chests, that you open at certain times of the day to receive new creation parts that you will use for your imaginator designs. There will also be daily sensei chests that hold creation parts specific to that sensei. Sensei are a new series of skylander figures which will be released for Skylanders imaginators.

Imaginator Chests

Imaginator Chests

Paul Reiche, co-founder and studio head at Toys For Bob said, “This year, Skylanders is putting the power of creation in the hands of fans in ways never before imagined, and we can’t wait to see the millions of Imaginators that will be dreamed up by our Portal Masters around the world.”

Along with the release of the Skylanders creator app Toys for Bob has also announced that fans will be able to purchase a 3D printed Imaginator figure or an imaginator card for their character designs through the creator app. Both the figure and card will work by placing them on the portal of power, exactly like a standard Skylander. The 3D printed figure will be available for $49.99, in limited quantities, and the imaginator card will cost $14.99. Players will also be able to purchase a t-shirt with their imaginator design on it for $24.99.


Custom Imaginator

The app will be free to download and will be available on Android and IOS devices. Skylanders Imaginators will be released on October 16 on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U.

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