Standby for Titanfall gameplay trailer released as the beta winds down.

If you’re trying to black out media about the March 11th Titanfall release, this past week must have been hard. In no way will the 30 second video above help you in that, though the good news is the beta is wrapping up tonight. Apparently at 6PM PST the beta servers will be shut down.

I will be shutting down the Titanfall Beta tonight (officially at 6pm PST). We might try an experimental server patch at 6 to test patching.

— Jon Shiring (@jonshiring) February 19, 2014

There is a two hour extension as they test the patch deploy process, so if you’re looking to squeeze out a few extra hours, it might be up till 8PM. It should also be noted this is for both PC and XB1 beta platforms.

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