Sniper Elite 3 101 video shows off target priority, and awesome x-ray shots

As somebody who spent a good deal of time behind the glass in the real world, obviously a game like Sniper Elite 3 raises my eyebrow.  Today we’ve got a video for the game showing off some of the locations in African front where you’ll prosecute targets.  You’ll play as OSS agent Carl Fairburn at the tail end of World War II.  The beautiful parts about these games is that planning is just as important as your execution.  Since objectives can be tackled in any order, stealth and observation is key.  On the other hand…

Ff you are the type that enjoys seeing the effect your well-aimed shot has on the human body, you’ll be happy to see the return of the x-ray cam, not only for enemies but also for vehicles.  Fire and relocate is alive and well though – if this one is anything like its predecessors, you’ll not be able to play this like a run-and-gun shooter.

sniper elite 3 - hitler

Sniper Elite 3 launches on July 1, 2014 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.