Red Phantom Games announces high-ocatne Minutes, trailer inside

Minutes was previously released to the good folks over in the UK at the end of 2014 but it will soon be making its way to the US shores very soon. Red Phantom Games, a one man development studio will be putting out Minutes on PS4 and Playstation Vita.

The following is a description for Minutes:

Minutes is a unique slice of abstract action and gameplay purity where you journey through a twisted form of bullet hell! Collect, dodge, expand and squeeze your way across 60 intense levels in a quest to hit that all elusive “Perfect” on every single one.

Minutes features original music from Black Bug Music. You can check out the trailer for Minutes above. Expect to be able to purchase the game on February 10th for either the PS4 or Playstation Vita. The price point will be set at $7.99.

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