RE.Net Service to Be Ready for Resident Evil 6 Release

Last week, Capcom gave us the skinny on their new free online service put in place to enhance the Resident Evil 6  experience by offering features including stat tracking, Facebook and Twitter integration, an app for smartphones (Android, iOS, Windows), points that can be redeemed towards in-game items, organized events, and more. Now this service has a launch date…

… And the official date is October 2nd, which happens to be the same day the game comes out. The concept behind RE.Net isn’t entirely unique but you have to give Capcom credit for what they’re going for. A game like Resident Evil 6  won’t draw dedicated multiplayer fans to it outside of people looking for a co-op experience, but it  could adds considerable depth to a game that might otherwise fall off the radar after a few runs through the campaign.


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