Nuclear War Imminent: Access to World of Warcraft Blocked in Iran

The tension between the U.S. and Iran has been steadily rising over the years, primarily due to Iran’s nuclear program. Despite your personal position on the matter, we can all agree that NO ONE deserves to have their favorite MMO taken away from them.

That’s exactly what is happening in Iran now, as World of Warcraft  has been banned in the country due to trade restrictions and economic sanction laws which Blizzard says prohibits them from doing business in the country. To add insult to injury, no refunds will be given to any of the players who may have been signed up for long-term subscriptions.

If the U.S. really wanted to create more enemies abroad, taking away their access to WoW  is certainly a good way to do it. Especially with the Mists of Pandaria  expansion on the horizon.

Thanks to Eurogamer for originally reporting this, and check out the Blizzard forums for its official response on the matter.


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