Netflix: Video Games Now For Rent

In a lengthy email from Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, an explanation was given for the rather blunt fashion in which the company announced recent changes to their services. The big news is that Netflix will now be a streaming-only service, anything rented by mail will be handled by a completely separate service, called Qwikster.

The biggest development, or at least the most important to you and I as gamers, is that video games are now an upgrade option. Those of us who own a PS3, Xbox 360, and/or Wii can choose video games as an upgrade option, similar to the way you can upgrade to blu-ray discs. Like any upgrade option for anything, we can most likely count on additional fees. What those fees will be are yet to be disclosed.

I hope current video game rental services, such as GameFly, are prepared for the heightened competition.

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