Cancel your imaginary Valentine’s Day plans – over 85 indie titles are going on sale this Friday

This weekend is prime time if you’re looking to stuff your coffers full of indie games on the PC. Starting this Friday and lasting through Sunday, is hosting a massive sale featuring over 85 indie titles being discounted by as much as 80% off their normal price.

I readily admit that I don’t recognize the majority of the games in this sale, but that’s all the more reason to participate. Over the past few years, hundreds of experienced video game professionals have left big-name companies to form their own independent teams. Many indie developers are made up of novice game makers,  who would rather start from scratch hoisting their own banner than join the ranks of a larger organization. There’s countless diamonds in the rough that are yet to be discovered.

Head to the IndieGameStand website to peruse the list of games on sale.

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