You’d never know it by the time they reach the front page here, but the screenshots Turbine sends over of their latest Dungeons & Dragons Online content usually arrive in resolutions like 7664 x 3900.  It’s actually a pretty cunning ploy.  When the first picture in the deck comes up so magnified that all I can see are the pores in this guy’s face, it becomes a fun little game to scroll around and see if I can piece together what it’s supposed to be.

Then I take the time to methodically shrink them all down to the comprehensible sizes you see below.  Sure, it’s all of a minute worth of work, but why not take a look through and see how great they look?

Menace of the Underdark, the paid expansion for Dungeons & Dragons Online, will go live June 25th.  Full details on what you’ll find in the Collectors, Standard, and Base editions of game can be found on the official website.