Kingdoms of Amalur developers are now Impossible

The downfall of 38 Studios has been well documented.  The developers behind Kingdoms of Amalur were left in a lurch for quite a while after things completely fell apart around them.  Now Epic has come to the rescue for many of those developers, forming Impossible Studios.

Founded in June, Impossible brings world-class game development expertise and creativity to Epic’s growing team. With heralded roots in real-time strategy and role-playing entertainment software, Impossible brings its own distinct design and technical sensibilities to Epic’s portfolio of games and game technology across major platforms.

Led by studio director Sean Dunn, Impossible’s first project is the touch-based action role-playing game “Infinity Blade: Dungeons” for iOS. “Infinity Blade: Dungeons,” which was conceived at Epic’s Cary studio, is being developed in collaboration with Epic and ChAIR under Impossible’s roof in Maryland.

Interesting that they are working on the new Infinity Blade title, but with their action-RPG experience, it sounds like a good fit.  It’s great to hear that these people have jobs again, and they have one of the most interesting logos ever.

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