Harmonix unveils music shooter, Chroma

The team at Harmonix has had a pretty awesome and storied history.   From Frequency and Amplitude on the PlayStation 2, a bevy of Karaoke titles, to their smash hits in Rock Band and Dance Central.   They’ve got an upcoming Kinect powered title Fantasia: Music Evolved (check out our hands-on at E3 for a demo) later this year, but apparently they’ve been busy little bees behind the scenes and have a new goodie to share.  Today they unveiled Chroma, a music-driven (no surprise) first-person multiplayer shooter.   If you instantly get visions of Captain EO shooting people with a Keytar you likely are as old as I am and have been to Disneyland.   Let’s let them describe it:

Chroma is a music-driven, first-person, multiplayer shooter for PC, a complete reimagining of the classic FPS formula. Yes, you read that right: a music shooter. Music matters deeply in Chroma, affecting everything from combat, traversal, and the changing landscape of the arena itself. Multiple classes offer unique weapons and gameplay mechanics that reflect your musical taste, allowing you to personalize your load out and band together with like-minded friends to lead your team to victory.

The video features some serious Dubstep gun action (Saint’s Row represent!) and some sweet CGI.  Looking forward to seeing the game in action.   If you’d like a  chance to play the Closed Alpha, you should head over here and maybe type some stuff in.

Look for us to report on Chroma as soon as we can get our hands on it!

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