Final Fantasy VI updated and released on iOS devices

Final Fantasy VI, the classic 1994 RPG, has been updated and released for iOS devices.  Final Fantasy VI’s graphics have been updated for the iOS’ capabilities, and the game will include the changes made in the 2006 remake.  Final Fantasy VI is available now on the Apple App Store for $15.99.

The update of the game has overhauled the controls and the battle system to be more user-friendly for touch screens.  Events from the 2006 remake have been included and also revamped for touch screen controls.  A helpful moogle will help you if you get stuck in the story, and an album will categorize the story events for reviewing later.  Lastly, the save files can be uploaded to the cloud and retrieved across all compatible Apple devices.

All of the elder Final Fantasy titles tend to be great games, but Final Fantasy VI is considered the best of the series, at least by GamesRadar, Kotaku, and IGN. The classic turn-based battling system never will be better than in it’s golden age, and it ports very well to mobile devices.   Bust most importantly, the Final Fantasy fan-boys of the world seem to talk the least about Final Fantasy VI, leaving its story and great depth completely unspoiled by references or reveals for the uninitiated gamer.

While the high price tag may scare off new players unfamiliar with the series, Final Fantasy VI is a masterpiece experience that should be played by new fans and replayed by long time adorers of the game’s deep story, magnificent music, and lush 16-bit landscapes.

Final Fantasy VI is available now on the various Apple devices and is rated 9+.


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