Fable Legends trailer shows of co-op gameplay, witty dialogue

Fable Legends is on the way, continuing Lionhead’s ongoing fantasy RPG series. This particular foray into the Fable universe has a big emphasis on co-op gameplay, showing off four players exploring the world and battling it out with the colorful ne’er-do-wells that adventurers tend to encounter – along with the ability for human players to play the role of the villain, setting off traps and generally trying to lead the would-be do-gooders to a messy fate. It’s an interesting premise, and not one that’s often tried: the villain gets a kind of eagle-eye view of the action on the ground as opposed to running around on equal footing with the cooperating players. It will be a whole lot of fun if pulled off properly, and in the meantime it’s a lovely, colorful game to look at. Check it out!

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