Control freak? Take matters into your own hands.

It might seem baffling, but it looks like Microsoft is offering an Xbox One remote. At first blush, the remote control looks pretty basic and should be superfluous. Amid the options of using a controller, voice control and the controversial included Kinect 2.0 with motion controls, why would you want another device to slip between the sofa cushions?

I’ll tell you why – it makes sense. With the Xbox One’s ability to control audio and TV, you can now have a single universal remote without all the extra buttons, have to sometimes alter your speaking patterns to get the Kinect to understand you or wave around to accomplish simple tasks that the past three decades may have trained you to simply hit a button. Furthermore, using a game controller has its own set of aggrevations : the battery use plus their tendency to go into sleep mode is inconvenient, as is setting one down only to have a trigger hit and mess up what you were watching.

The Xbox One Remote Control includes back and OneGuide buttons, can control integrated audio and TV controls via the Xbox One Kinect setup, as well as the standard controls for things like BluRay and video streaming playback. Furthermore, it includes a motion-activated backlighting means you’re not squinting in the dark to find the right buttons to press. ERP (Estimated Retail Price) for this handy little addition is expected to set you back $25, and will be in stores early March.

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