Battleborn announces release date for second free playable character and more

Gearbox announced today the release date for its upcoming Battleborn character, Pendles, will be August 4. However, if you have the season pass for the game you will get early access to the character starting on July 28.

Pendles is the 27th Battleborn hero and is the second of five new free playable characters. A snake-like hero from the world of Akopos, this sneaker-wearing assassin uses poison, his duel kamas, and stealth to attack foes. He can be unlocked by earning 47,500 in-game credits. All season pass holders will receive a hero key which will instantly unlock Pendles on the 28th.

Gearbox also announced its new Summer Fun Skins and taunts for select Battleborn heroes. The skins and taunts release today on the in-game marketplace alongside the July update, which started rolling out Thursday, July 21 at 2pm PT/ 5pm ET.

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