AGDQ 2015 Kicks Off in 3 Days, Gamers Speedrunning for Charity

On January 4, Awesome Games Done Quick will kick off their Winter 2015 event. Over the course of six days, speedrunners will complete live runs of a wide variety of games, all for free on Twitch or at their website,

AGDQ is a biannual charity event, and this event’s charity will be benefitting the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Viewers can watch all the games live and donate, and all donations will be sent directly to the charity.

Things can get a little crazy during the later hours of the stream.

Things can get a little crazy during the later hours of the stream.

The event will also have donation incentives, bid wars and comments available. Donation incentives can go towards anything from naming one of the speedrunner’s characters in-game to having one of the players complete a special or difficult speedrun challenge. Bid wars will be held to auction off special games memorabilia and other donations from different companies and benefactors. Donators also have the option to send a comment to be read live on-stream during the event. More information on specific incentives and bidding items will be released once AGDQ 2015 starts.

For those not in-the-know, speedrunning is trying to beat a game as fast as possible. There are many different kinds of speedruns, from legitimate ones to ones that use glitches or bugs in the game to skip major sections. One of the most popular speedruns is below, where during AGDQ 2013, Zelda speedrunner Cosmo set the new world record for Ocarina of Time.

The event is set to feature over 150 hours of speedrunning and a wide variety of games. You can check out the full schedule at

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