Gaming Trend Podcast 02/14/13–Making the world go ’round.

by , and 1 year ago

    This week on the Gaming Trend Podcast, the GT crew is out to help you get more out of your hard earned dollars. ¬†Starting off the right way, David, Victor, …

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    Gas Powered Games’ “Wildman” kickstarter cancelled

    by 1 year ago

    The kickstarter for "Evolutionary Action RPG" Wildman has been cancelled, which the kickstarter page itself¬†sadly confirms. Wildman was just under halfway to its 1.1 million dollar goal before the cancellation, …

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    Gas Powered Games Seeks Kickstarter Funding for Wildman, a new action RPG

    by 2 years ago

    Since its inception, Kickstarter has helped dozens of gaming projects get off their feet and onto the market. Chris Taylor and his team from Gas Powered Game hope that "Wildman", …

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