Watch Dogs

Looking forward to Watch Dogs? Now look forward to the eBook!

by 3 days ago

If you've been suitably drawn in by glimpses of the Watch Dogs world but are hoping for a more cerebral and text-heavy affair than the game is likely to offer, …

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But who watches the Watch Dogs?

by 5 days ago

    Multiple sources from the UK have confirmed via Twitter and other media that during a Watch Dogs preview event in Paris, Ubisoft found it appropriate to give all attending journalists …

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    Watch Dogs – Welcome to Chicago highlights the windy city

    by 3 weeks ago

    Watch Dogs is just a short jaunt away, and today we have a really good look at the city of Chicago, the setting for the game.   The video reminds me …

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    Most anticipated video games of Q1 2014

    by 4 months ago

    The next-gen battle has just begun, but there are a lot of fantastic games coming our way in the first quarter of 2014 for the current and previous generations of …

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    Watch Dogs moves to 2014, pre-orders are safe! (UPDATE!)

    by 6 months ago

    The team at Ubisoft have regrettably announced that Watch Dogs, a PS4 and Xbox One launch title, has slipped to spring of 2014.   On their blog they announced that the …

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    14 minutes of Watch Dogs gameplay shown off

    by 8 months ago

    Want a sneak peak at 14 minutes of Watch Dogs action before its release? Well we have the hookup as Ubisoft has revealed a guided demo matching just that length! …

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    If you’re reading this, they already know everything about you – new Watch Dogs trailer, screens

    by 8 months ago

    A new trailer has been released for the hotly anticipated (understatement of the century) upcoming Watch Dogs, detailing a good bit of the game's premise, and showing off some polished …

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    Watch Dogs shows off new hacking gameplay

    by 8 months ago

    Watch the news lately and you can see that Watch Dogs has a far deeper hold in reality than fantasy. Today we've got a video showing off some of hacking …

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    Watch Dogs picked up over 90 honors, including ours

    by 9 months ago

    As speculation runs rampant whether the Aisha Tyler trailer (featured again below) was current-gen or not, we've got a sweet new trailer talking about the bevy of honors that Watch …

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    Five things we better see at E3 this year

    by 11 months ago

    E3 is less than a week away and we at Gaming Trend are drooling over the prospect of finally getting our grubby mitts on the newest games and even newer …

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    Gaming Trend’s 55 most anticipated releases of 2013

    by 1 year ago

    2013 is looking to be a great year for video game releases. We've got a ton of great titles that were pushed into this year from the holidays, we've got …

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    Another Look at Watch Dogs with New E3 Screens

    by 2 years ago

    The title that is generating the most buzz from Ubisoft's very successful E3 conference on Monday is almost certainly Watch Dogs, a new IP featuring open world gameplay and pretty …

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