War Thunder

War Thunder launches for free on PlayStation 4, is multiplatform with PC

by 8 months ago

When Sony announced the PlayStation 4 and their own commitment to a more open platform the first thing that sprang to mind was how easily they could embrace the free-to-play …

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War Thunder hits 6 million subscribers

by 10 months ago

War Thunder was probably the first PS4 title I saw announced for that hardware platform, and it's very clear that they've done pretty well as they just passed 6,000,000 players. …

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War Thunder has cross-compatibility play for PS4 and PC

by 1 year ago

Let me tell you why the PlayStation 4 is poised to capture a massive marketshare - games like War Thunder. Why? It's free-to-play, will be ready for launch, is cross-compatible, …

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War Thunder announced for PlayStation 4

by 2 years ago

Oh, is it almost E3 already?   Well, then we should start hearing about some PlayStation 4 titles very soon!   Gaijin Entertainment won't be last out of the gate - they …

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