Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

PlayStation VR through the eyes of a nausea sufferer

by 5 months ago

You’ll see a lot of reviews about PlayStation VR over the next few weeks, but very few from somebody who went in knowing that VR makes them sick. Since my …

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Send in the Clowns – Until Dawn Rush of Blood PSVR Review

by 7 months ago

Coulrophobia, better known as fear of clowns, affects a great many people. The common belief is that it is caused by the uncanny valley effect as they look human, but …

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Rush of Blood is a solid tech demo, but a questionable Until Dawn game

by 1 year ago

At PlayStation Experience this year, I had my first hands-on demo with virtual reality. After months of hearing positive reactions about how revolutionary the tech that company's like Sony and …

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Until Dawn: Rush of Blood isn’t DLC, it’s a PlayStation VR game

by 2 years ago

Supermassive Games stated recently that it wasn't working on DLC for Until Dawn, but it is working on a PlayStation VR game set in the Until Dawn universe. Until Dawn: …

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