Time and Eternity

Time you’ll never get back — Time and Eternity Review

by 9 months ago

Japanese role-playing game experiences can often be bittersweet.  Even the greatest JRPG titles sometimes have terrible storylines amidst great gameplay, or vice versa.  Very few titles in the genre can …

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Time and Eternity finally coming to North America

by 10 months ago

Everyone's attention is on the next generation of consoles right now, but that doesn't mean this generation is over. Need proof? In just a few weeks' time, PS3 gamers in …

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An introductory trip through Time and Eternity

by 11 months ago

A wedding, a murder, and a very convenient royal ability to travel through time.  These are the foundations for the story of intrigue, mystery, and pent-up male sexual frustration that …

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Time and Eternity finally gets its time in North America

by 12 months ago

We all knew it would take a little bit of time, but the PS3 is finally entering its RPG golden era. Adding to the long list of PS3 exclusives this …

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