Thief: Deadly Shadows

Steam Daily Deals for July 18th

by 4 years ago

There are two reasons you should take a good look at today's 75% discount on Saint's Row: The Third.  First, it's genuinely a fantastic game with sharp graphics, tight controls, …

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Steam Autumn Sales for November 27

by 5 years ago

If it's 1:00pm Eastern, it must be time for a new round of Steam's Autumn Sale deals!  It's a day full of bug hunts, dragon hunts, zombie hunts, and treasure …

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Thief: Deadly Shadows Review

by 13 years ago

Thief: The Dark Project was a revolution for the PC.  It introduced elements of stealth and style that have rarely been matched.  It featured semi-dynamic lighting, 3D graphics, a first person view, …

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