Gaming Trend Podcast 12//19//13 — A distinguished discussion of this, the Year of Luigi

by , and 7 months ago

Good morrow, everyone. You have stumbled upon a gentlemanly discussion of the year that was. The year that brought us new interactive entertainments, and new consoles on which to play …

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Those Endearing Old Charms – Teslagrad

by 7 months ago

If there is one emotion that games can capture better than any other medium, it is wonder. What does that button do? Where do I go now? What happens if …

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This Teslagrad video is the most beautiful trailer you will see today

by 8 months ago

Out of nowhere, Norwegian developer Rain Games has released one of the most beautiful trailers I've seen in a while. ┬áReleased to celebrate the launch of their puzzle/platformer Teslagrad, the …

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