Super Motherload

Gaming Trend Podcast 11//20//2013–Console Envy

by and 11 months ago

PlayStation is here, and David and Atlas spend a while discussing Sony's new console! Well, David discusses it while Atlas writhes with jealous rage (and laughs at David's preposterously loud …

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Dig deeper — Super Motherload review

by 11 months ago

Something roils beneath the Martian surface. Something ominous. It nags at your every thought as you delve deep beneath its crust, searching for valuable minerals to take back to Earth. …

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Sharing is caring: quick takes from the first weekend of the PlayStation 4

by , , and 12 months ago

With the release of the PlayStation 4, next-gen has officially arrived, and while it used to be that you'd just fork over some cash, buy your magical game box and …

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Super Motherload looks exciting for many reasons. Its soundtrack is one of them.

by 12 months ago

Watch the video above and tell me with a straight face that that music isn't amazing. I dare you. The music's 80s synth vibe was the first thing that struck …

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