Five games to tide you over until Mass Effect 4

by 12 months ago

There are people out there playing Mass Effect 4 (tentative title) right now, but it's not you or me. Employees at Bioware, such as general manager Aaryn Flynn, are playing …

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Terraria-like Starbound coming Dec. 4th (we hope)

by 1 year ago

Anybody who follows Gaming Trend knows that some of us really like Terraria's mix of worldbuilding, crafting, and exploration...but we always thought that something was missing. ┬áIt wasn't until we …

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Sci-fi Terraria-style game Starbound now available for pre-order, 4-pack discounts

by 2 years ago

For those of you who are always looking for more games that let you explore and build in the vein of Minecraft and Terraria, listen up. Indie developed Starbound - …

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