Star Trek Bridge Crew

HTC Vive Beams up Star Trek: Bridge Crew Bundles

by 4 weeks ago

HTC is on a roll this week, knocking it out of the park with several big announcements.  They have the launch of the Deluxe Audio Strap next week (you can …

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“Fun will now commence” – Star Trek: Bridge Crew VR review

by 1 month ago

It’s hard to imagine that Star Trek: The Original Series had just 79 episodes when you think of just how much Roddenberry’s creation inspired entire generations. Innumerable inventions were posited …

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Set for Maximum Warp – Star Trek: Bridge Crew VR hands-on preview

by 2 months ago

Captain’s Log, stardate 94909.72. Our mission began when, while researching protomatter in an area called “The Trench”, the Aegis received a distress signal from the Polaris in the Tyrus System. …

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Most Anticipated Video and Board Games of 2017

by 4 months ago

2017 is just around the corner. While we celebrate some of the amazing games of 2016, there are quite a few exciting titles in tabletop and video gaming that we’d …

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Star Trek: Bridge Crew VR delayed again

by 5 months ago

Remember that Star Trek VR game Ubisoft showed off at E3 last year? The one where you and your friends call out commands to each other as you pilot the …

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Star Trek: Bridge Crew gets delayed

by 8 months ago

Ubisoft announced on its blog that Star Trek: Bridge Crew will be delayed until March, 14 2017. In Ubisoft's  statement, it says that it is delaying the game "In order …

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Ubisoft announces Star Trek Bridge Crew

by 1 year ago

    Ubisoft has announced Star Trek Bridge Crew. Announced during the Ubisoft E3 press conference, Bridge Crew will be the Star Trek franchise's first VR experience. Players can join a spaceship crew …

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