Star Realms

The Gambit is Set, Star Realms – White Wizard Games @ PAX East 2015

by 2 weeks ago

When we were at PAX East we got a chance to talk with Rob Dougherty, the head of White Wizard games. Fans of their hit game, Star Realms, will be …

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Gambit expansion coming to Star Realms

by 4 weeks ago

While it appears that deckbuilders are slowing down, Star Realms seems to have taken the gaming world by storm. ¬†With a low price point in both physical and digital versions, …

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Star Realms invades Kickstarter

by 1 year ago

While many deck-building games have a fantasy theme, we really haven't seen one that introduces us to space. ¬†During Origins I was able to check out a deck builder called …

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