A look back at PS4’s first year of PlayStation Plus

by 2 weeks ago

Last June, at a crowded venue in Los Angeles, Sony was prepared to hold its E3 press conference and finally give some concrete details about the debut of PlayStation 4. …

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Resogun is Coming to the PlayStation Vita

by 3 weeks ago

Housemarque has announced that the PlayStation 4 launch title Resogun will be coming to the PlayStation Vita in the near future. The team confirmed this through its Twitter account, where …

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Housemarque Will Be Revealing Details on Resogun’s Next DLC Soon

by 1 month ago

Housemarque has announced that news on a new expansion to the PlayStation 4 launch title Resogun is imminent. On the developer’s official Twitter account, the studio said that it would …

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Housemarque Reiterates Resogun is a PlayStation 4 Exclusive

by 2 months ago

After a flub on Twitter, Housemarque has had to reiterate that Resogun is a PlayStation 4 exclusive, and will remain as such. Due to a misunderstanding on Twitter, Housemarque has …

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Resogun is a premier launch title on the PS4

by 12 months ago

Every launch doesn't need a game like Resogun. It needs a game like Call of Duty: Ghosts, or Battlefield 4, or perhaps even needs a Ryse: Son of Rome. The …

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Sharing is caring: quick takes from the first weekend of the PlayStation 4

by 1 year ago

With the release of the PlayStation 4, next-gen has officially arrived, and while it used to be that you'd just fork over some cash, buy your magical game box and …

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