Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar announces Red Dead Redemption titles for PlayStation Now

by 9 months ago

Coming a few weeks after its Red Dead Redemption sequel reveal, Rockstar Games announced today that it will bring PlayStation 3 titles Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare …

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Rockstar finally seems ready to talk Red Dead 3

by 10 months ago

    Over the weekend, Rockstar Games tweeted an image which many believe alludes to an imminent reveal of the long-rumored Red Dead Redemption 2. A second Red Dead-esque image appeared on Rockstar's Twitter …

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    Top 25 games of the last generation | 5 – 1

    by 2 years ago

      It all comes down to this, the best of the best.  Narrowing the list down to just 25 wasn't easy, but we're happy with the results. If you missed any …

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      5 cool games to help you beat the heat this summer (by staying inside to play them with the A/C on)

      by 4 years ago

        This week in New York it has been crazy hot. Now, I know our fearless leader Ron lives in Phoenix where there’s no shortage of air that feels like a …

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        Major Gamefly Sale In Progress Through the 24th

        by 6 years ago

        Times are tight, and so is money.  Not only that, it's the fall rush where games are dropping into our greedy little hands, and we're all broke especially with Christmas …

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