Prison Architect

30 days in the hole: Prison Architect: PlayStation 4 Edition review

by 5 months ago

In 2011, the recidivism rate for outgoing prisoners was a gut-wrenching 43.3%, signalling the ever present failings of a criminal justice system that cannot rehabilitate.  The system suffers for putting …

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Monitor murderers and thieves in our live, early look at Prison Architect: PS4 Edition [Stream has ended]

by 6 months ago

Building prisons is surprisingly fun and addictive is something that I learned when playing Prison Architect the first time around.  Now that the game is soon to arrive on the …

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Crime, punishment, and valuation — Prison Architect review

by 1 year ago

While the politics surrounding criminal punishment and the prison system remain controversial and deeply dividing, the one thing that we can all agree on is that prisons are a necessity. …

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Introversion shows off Prison Architect Alpha 29, announces release timeframe and mobile version

by 2 years ago

Introversion, lead by designer Chris Delay and producer Mark Morris, have today announced they will launching the game fully in 2015. Prison Architect is one of those projects that seems …

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My own private Shawshank, or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the Green Mile — Prison Architect Preview

by 3 years ago

This might not surprise you, but there are some very dark minds behind Prison Architect, a top-down management sim that's also the latest game from England's Introversion Software. You may …

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