Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

Crazy Eights: Stephen Radney-MacFarland on Pathfinder’s vigilante class

by 4 months ago

One of the traits of the Pathfinder system is known for being able to take multiple classes and mix them together.  Right now Paizo is in the middle of a …

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Playtest Open For New Pathfinder Book: Ultimate Intrigue

by 5 months ago

Paizo Inc. continues to build on its strong relationship with fans and consumers, offering the latest supplement to its highly successful roleplaying franchise for playtesting. Playtesting is available for four …

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Unchain yourself with the latest Pathfinder book

by 7 months ago

It seems like now is a great time to be a fan of RPGs.  The updated D&D 5th Edition has been a hit and is coming into it's own.  FFG …

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Bestiary 4 brings new monsters to your Pathfinder campaign

by 2 years ago

Attention PATHFINDER gamemasters: are there enough creatures in your campaign? The correct answer is "no" -- there are NEVER ENOUGH MONSTERS, especially when Halloween approaches. The fine folks at Paizo …

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