Mutant Chronicles

Cartel and Orbitals Sourcebook Released for Mutant Chronicles

by 6 months ago

Mutant Chronicles spins a tail of darkness and brutality, and Modiphius has been working hard to fill out its dieselpunk universe in recent years. Coming on the heels of releases …

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Mutant Chronicles: Dark Symmetry Campaign Unleashed

by 9 months ago

Mutant Chronicles weaves the tale of a dark, mysterious universe where an alien race has placed humanity on the ropes. Today Modiphius announces new support for this diesel-punk RPG with …

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Mutant Chronicles Capitol and Imperial source books

by 10 months ago

Modiphius Entertainment continues to support its post-apocalyptic dieselpunk RPG Mutant Chronicles. Now players can from the perspective (or working against) two of the dark universe's mega corporations: the Capitol and …

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Crazy Eights: Chris Birch of Modiphius Entertainment

by 3 years ago

While the Mutant Chronicles system hasn't had the huge following of D&D, it has been a popular RPG system for longer than you might think. ┬áRecently Modiphius Entertainment successfully ran …

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