Medal of Honor

An annotated history of World War II shooters

by 1 year ago

    “So seek peace, but prepare for war, because war, war never changes” --  Ulysses S. Grant This may be true, unless you’re talking about video game war, in which case …

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    EA games star in possibly the humblest Humble Bundle ever

    by 4 years ago

    Let's not beat around the bush: EA doesn't always have the best reputation with gamers. Even when we love their games, we don't always like their business practices. They showed …

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    Major Gamefly Sale In Progress Through the 24th

    by 6 years ago

    Times are tight, and so is money.  Not only that, it's the fall rush where games are dropping into our greedy little hands, and we're all broke especially with Christmas …

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    Medal of Honor Review

    by 7 years ago

    Tim and I alternated between shooter and spotter, ripping through the incoming Nazi opposition with ease as we held our bombed out position almost indefinitely.  This was 1999 and the …

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